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By agreeing to this policy I accept the terms and conditions determined it regarding the use of website.

Privacy and Cookie Policy


Defending the personal data of those who visit our website is important for us and we are committed to guarantee their security. The 1956 Institute Foundation’s privacy policy informs you about how we use the information we gather about you.

If you accept the use of cookies on our website according to the conditions defined in this policy when you visit for the first time, you enable the usage of cookies on this site whenever you return to it in the future.

Collecting your personal information

On we may collect, store and use the following personal data about you:

Before sending us personal information on any third party, you are obliged to ask his/her authorization for forwarding the data for us.

The purpose of collecting your personal information

We use your personal information exclusively for answering the letters and requests you send us through the mailing system of

Availability of your personal data

Whenever the management of our services makes it necessary, we share your personal information with the following persons:

We won’t share your personal information with third parties without your proper authorization but the above-mentioned fulfilment of your interview request.

Retaining your personal data

We store your personal information we collect from you for any purposes as long as they are necessary for the fulfilment of your requests. Without contradicting to the general rule defined in this chapter we are to store the documents containing also personal data including docs in electronic format as well for the following specific purpose:

The safety of your personal information

We take sufficient technical measures in order to protect the safety of your personal data and to prevent their misuse or malicious modification.

We store every piece of personal information on secure hardware storages protected by firewall and password.

You are however must be aware of the uncertainty of information forwarding through internet and therefore you accept that we aren’t responsible for the safety of data providing on the net.

Changes to this Policy

We may change the terms of this Privacy Policy from time to time by publishing its fresh version on our website. Please return to this page at times and read read the future modifications.

Claiming your rights

Refreshment of personal information

Please inform us in time if there is some change in your personal data if you want to maintain the contact between you and the 1956 Institute Foundation.


Our website use cookies. Cookies are small text files, randomly generated numbers and letters that websites store on your device by means of your browser. When you visit the website at any time the browser send the cookie to the server identifying the visitor. Many cookies are automatically deleted after you finish using the site. Others are saved permanently in your browser and remain active as far as their expiration unless the user disable them before. Cookies normally don’t contain any information which make possible the identification of the user, however the personal data we collect from you may be connected to information provided by the cookies. You can delete cookies stored in your browser and you can also adjust your browser settings to refuse cookies in most of the browsers. If you have however switched off cookies the performance of the website may worsen or some services may be unavailable.

We use exclusively session cookies on which last only for the duration of your visit. We operate cookies by means of Google Analytics and Drupal which help us to identify your computer when you visit our website, they track your visit and make possible the management of the website.

April 2020
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