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Open to all interested and free of charge, we are now making accessible the full paper and book series, Trondheim Studies on East European Cultures & Societies (TSEECS).

I was editor of this series over the two decades between 1999 and 2019. I loved to work with the series not the least because it was so helpful in attracting attention to the activities underlying it: the efforts organized in the Program on East European Cultures & Societies (PEECS) of the Faculties of Humanities & Social Sciences at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. Never a “commercial enterprise”, the printing costs of the series were met out of the grants I received for the projects pursued within the frameworks of the Program.

PEECS was a voluntary community of research students (primarily the PhD and MA students I advised) and myself. We had regular weekly seminars that provided forum for thesis work as well as for frequent presentations by invited scholars engaged in the study of modern and contemporary East Central Europe, Russia, and Turkey in various corners of the world. Early versions of most of the works included in our series were presented and discussed at PEECS’ seminars in Trondheim or at PEECS’ conferences we organized in Trondheim and other places in Europe.

I will always fondly remember each individual in this enthusiastic and highly capable group of research students, today working as scholars and professionals all over Norway and beyond. I am confident they won’t mind if I, also on their behalf, express our gratitude and thank all the authors who contributed to this remarkable body of scholarly work represented by the set of issues of TSEECS.

Further down you will find a list of the 34 issues.

Throughout its history, PEECS cooperated with a large number of scholars and institutions all over the world. As our joint publication on the “long 1960s” shows (TSEECS Nr. 16, 2005), the 1956 Institute of Budapest was one of our most important partners. I am, therefore, particularly glad and proud that all the issues of TSEECS can now be accessed here, at the Institute’s web-site.

Trondheim, November 2020 – György Péteri