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historian, journalist

He was born in Budapest in 1970. He got a university degree in history at Károly Eszterházy College in 2005. He wrote his PhD thesis entitled Fluctuations in economy and the changing of elites comparing the post-1945 history of Hungary and Finland. As a journalist he worked for a number of dailies and periodicals, like Magyar Hírlap, Népszabadság, Index, Origo, Figyelőnet/, Napi Gazdaság and HVG. He was scholarly fellow of the 1956 Institute – Oral History Archive Department of the Széchényi National Library. He studied among others the social mobility of the leaders of the freedom fighters in 1956, he prepared life interviews with politicians, and analysed the ideological turns of the economist Béla Csikós-Nagy.

He teaches history at János Jedlik Secondary School and as senior research fellow works also for the Wesley Research Institute for Sociology of the Churches and Religions. He is scholarly fellow in the OTKA project of the 1956 Institute Foundation.