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She was born in 1968 in Budapest. She graduated at Dániel Berzsenyi Secondary School in a class specialized in Italian language. She got a university degree in history and in Italian language and literature at Janus Pannonius University. Later she also got an MA in history at CEU. She was assistant lecturer at the Italian Department of Janus Pannonius University and she taught Italian language at the State College of Tourism and Catering in Budapest. She was assistant lecturer at the Teacher Training College of ELTE between 1993 and 1998. She began to work for the 1956 Institute in 1992 making archival researches in Italy and studying the international background of the Hungarian revolution. She was research fellow at the Institute between 1998 and 2019. She studied the history of the revolution in the Hungarian countryside among others. She was head of the Oral History Archive since 2009, she founded which offers insights into the personal history of the 20th century. She was research fellow of the 1956 Institute – Oral History Archive Department of the National Széchényi Library between 2012 and 2019. Her research fields are the cultural and scientific relationships and their connections with the state security. She is on the Board of Trustees of the 1956 Institute Foundation.